Call it a super hat trick from Sivakarthikeyan, Soori and Pinram trio. Seema Raja that comes after Varuthapada Valibar Sangam and Rajini Murugan is racy, engaging and entertaining. And there is abundant comedy besides a strong message.

Ponram has ensured a comical first half and twist in the story towards the second half. There is an energetic intro for Sivakarthikeyan while Soori appears in style.

Their on screen chemistry and one-liners make up first half. Ponram’s comical writing is the key. His penchant for humour is the USP.

Basically set around rivalry between two families is what the movie is all about. There is a cat and mouse game between Simran and Sivakarthikeyan. How the latter emerges unscathed from tough situation in a comical way drives the film. An out and out Sivakarthikeyan film, his screen presence holds the movie together.

It is about a family of amender who wants to regain their list pride. Seema Raja (Sivakarthikeyan) is a do- guider in the family. He spends his time with his friend Maths ( Soori). There is suthanthira selvi ( Samantha), silambam socialist, whom Seema Raja falls for.

But enters Kaakeswari ( Simran) from a powerful family keen to play spoilsport on Seema Raja plans. Meanwhile a Baahubali like flashback explains what Seema Raja is all about and what he did for a cause. Interestingly Sivakarthikeyan appears as Kadambavel Raja in it.

Sivakarthikeyan is flesh and blood of the movie. He carries whole movie on his shoulders. His charismatic presence and the comical punch come handy. Soori as usual impresses in a rural comedy.

Samantha does utilize the opportunity well. Simran as baddie fits the role well. Keerthy Suresh in a cameo appears as princess and she is beauty overloaded.

Lal, Nepolean and Yogi Babu do well. Imman has come up with foot tapping music. Balasubramanien’s camera captures rural beauty well.

The strength is humour. If you want a commercial entertainer on effective say, destination Seema Raja. Three cheers Ponram for delivering what audience wants.

Verdict : Seema Raja – Old wine in new bottle

Rating: 2.75/5