Filmmaker VP Viji’s Ezhumin starring Vivek in the lead will be out 5 October. The film tells the story of six children who are proficient in self-defense but still fail to make it to the national level.

Five of them who come from humble backgrounds are motivated by the affluent parents of the sixth, played by Vivekh and Devyani, to persevere in their training.

Viji, who gave the recent well-made psychological thriller Uru, said, ‘When I narrated the script to Devyani, she understood it was a motivational film and has a social message.

She was highly impressed and agreed to be part of it. And she didn’t even speak about her salary then’. The movie has music by Ganesh Chandrasekhar.

Says Viji, ‘the highlighlight of the movie is a song crooned by Dhanush. It’s an emotional song called Ezhuda Ezhuda, which appears at a crucial moment in the film.’