Actor and Tamil Film Producers Council president Vishal, speaking at the audio launch of Sandai Kozhi 2, Vishal, said, ‘It is my 25th film. I thank director Lingusamy for giving me a nice platform and transforming me an action hero years back with Sandai Kozhi.

It was originally written for actors like Vijay or Suriya. Lingusamy was a best friend and I requested him to cast me as hero. He readily agreed. The success of the movie in both Tamil and Telugu made me a star.’

On the sequel, he said, ‘It is happening after several years. And interestingly it is my 25th film. It has come good. Keerthy Suresh plays my heroine. I saw her performance in Nadigayar Thilagam and was awestruck. She is a wonderful writer too and the day is not far when she would turn director.’

Lingusamy, said, ‘It is a grand fiesta on screen. Vishal is a bundle of energy and he has delivered his best. Meera Jasmine was phenomenal in first part; I was wondering who would fit her shoes in sequel. Keerty Suresh has done it well. She has performed grace and charm. Rajkiran, Thennavan among others have given their best’.


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