Playback singer Chinmayi found a supporter for her MeToo campaign in actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

Speaking about the sexual harassment of women by men in workplace, educational institutions and families, Varlaxmi, said, ‘

A: I have been speaking about it for quite a long time. I am happy and sad at the same time now. I am happy because several women are bravely coming out and are talking about their ordeal. And I am also sad because there are so many women affected.

I also think that victims don’t make false accusations. Because if they lie, things will back fire and they are risking their careers. But considering all this, these women have all come out and that’s quite courageous. We should also listen and not question them. It is easy to ask them why they are talking about this issue now. But they may have been very scared, or they may have kept quite because of their careers.

Not everyone have a luxury to say this. Also the allegations that have surfaced are in detail. You should note that no one can fabricate such claims just for fame. We should take the victim side because they have the benefit of the doubt.

I also feel that death penalty is the easiest punishment for rape. I think chemical castration is best, she said.