Movies centered on woman characters are slowly mushrooming in Tamil cinema and they are also making a mark at the box office. Joining the list is U Turn. Starring Samantha in the lead it is directed by Pawan Kumar. Remember he made the original U Turn in Kannada which is now remade here.

It is a mystery thriller with enough to engage audience and keep them on the seat edge.

A guess game and whodunit thriller, U Turn is there to keep one involved.

It is about a young journalist with goals and aspirations. How she stumbles upon a news and make that a story and the troubles that she face in the course of her work forms the crux. Besides Samantha, the Velacheri flyover makes up the theme.

A watchable fare that speaks about traffic violations and the ensuing drama, U turn is a urban suave film. Pawan Kumar’s mystery thriller is here to stay.

The movie is about an reporter who is following a story revolving offenders who disrupt the divider and take a U-turn on the Double Road flyover in Velacheri. Her trail gets her embroiled in a story more sinister than what she expected.

The story follows the life of Samantha, who is an reporter, aspiring to report that story. She follows reports on a story about traffic offenders atop the flyover.

There is romance for her that goes well and interestingly when she thinks everything is well, there happens a messy situation and everything goes for a toss.

The movie is engrossing and needs an intense watch. Samantha walks away with all honour and makes it a point to come out with enough emotions and anger.

Samantha is perfect fit for two roles. Aadhi as cool cop who does it with ease. He carries the film in his shoulders well. The rest of the cast contribute well.

There is Rahul Ravindran as the crime reporter besides Bhumika Chawla, Ravi Prakash, Aadukalam Naren and Geetha Ravishankar who chips in well.

U Turn has everything to fall in right place. Watch out for the film that is engaging.

Verdict : U Turn – Gritty and entertaining

Rating: 3/5