Movie on castes and violence are not new in Tamil cinema. Many a movie spoke in detail about the effect and impact of it in Tamil society. Joining the list is Thodraa.

Directed by Bhagiyaraj’s associate Mathuram, the movie features Pandiarajan’s son Prithvi in the lead. He has gone deeper into how the social strata are influencing people who are in love.

The movie is seemingly influenced by Kadhal’ and tries capture the emotion in its raw form.

Shankar(Prithvi Rajan) falls for Dhivya(Veena) the pair is not aware of the consequence for being in an inter-caste relationship. The problems their love face due to caste and their sufferings make up the movie. Honour killings form the crux.

The filmmaker has relied his story on couple of real life incident a hogged headlines.

The plot itself is set in Krishnagiri-Dharmapuri, the usual geographies known for their communal riots.

Muthuraj has come up with a serious script. He has managed to infuse some comedy and makes it entertaining. Prithvi, excels in the lead role, while comes Malayalam actress Veena as Dhivya does a decent act.

There is a surprise cameo by filmmaker A Venkatesh. M S kumar who debuts as villain does a good job.

Bankrolled by Jaichandra Saravanakumar for Apoorva Creations, Thodraa is engaging and engrossing. athuraj has brought out emotions well. The tough theme has been handled well and emotions poured out well. The dialogues especially towards the climax adds value to the script.

It needs guts to do such films and the director passes the acid test. With intense portrayal, everything falls in place . A decent outing by the crew.

Watch out it knows that such social evils still prevails in our society.

Verdict : Thodraa – Caste is the cause

Rating: 2.75/5