Sivakarthikeyan has acted in a short film aimed at educating children against physical abuse. Directed by Thiru, it is titled Modi Vilayaadu Paapa. A five-minute film, it has music by Sam CS and cinematography by Richard Nathan.
The founder of Chisel- Arasi Arul & Founder of PEACE (NGO)- Raghini Muralidharan approached Sivakarthikeyan for the awareness video.

Sivakarthikeyan readily agreed. He said, ‘This is something he always wanted to do for the kids and I will certainly do it. I have a responsibility as an actor and a dad. I am more than willing to be part of this initiative.’

In the video, Sivakarthikeyan briefs students about good touch and bad touch. In case of any physical abuse, they should inform their parent’s poor teachers. The documentary was released online by Sivakarthikeyan yesterday.

YouTube video