Sequels always enthuse interest. Many films in the past have had sequels recently and among them cop stories stand out big. Hari is known for giving police stories to perfection for both Vikram and Saamy – Saamy and Singham. Interestingly the latter saw three parts of it out. Now comes a sequel to saamy almost after 15 years.

A lot of things in society and even among criminals have changed a lot. Hari seems to have done his home work and come up with the sequel.

With dialogues from ‘Police illa porukki’ to ‘Saamy illa boodham’, the movie manages to hold attention of everyone straightaway. Vikram as cop in dual roles is a delight for his fans.

Saamy Square begins from where Aaarusamy left and his son Raam Saamy begins to achieve their mission of eliminating gangsters. Ram Saamy (Vikram), son of Aarusaamy, is the wheel and axle of the movie.

Remember the baddie is Raavana Pichai (Bobby Simha), who lets loose terror with his three brothers, who are all sons of Perumal Pichai from the first part. He seems to have taken a leaf out of Ramayana and works it on big screen.

There is romance for Raam Saamy in the form of Keerthy suresh, who sings and dances. And Aishwarya Rajesh steps into Trisha’s shoes, which plays Aaaru Saamy’s wife in first part.

There is a sidekick Soori for Vikram, who tries to evoke laughter.  Of course there is a family, lots of emotions and bonding here too. The war between Raam Saamy and Ravana Pichai makes up the movie.

Keerthy Suresh as female lead is cute and bubbly, while Aishwarya Rajesh in place of Trisha has little to do. Bobby Simha steals the show with his crude acts and his dialogue delivery is the highlight of the movie. Soori comes up with typical Hari brand comedy which tickles your funny bone only at places.

Vikram is the flesh and blood of the movie He delivers an energetic performance and does play his part well. His fit, trim and does go all the way to make it racy. His screen presence is another highlight.

Cinematographer Venkatesh’s racy visuals and Devi Sri Prasad’s fast numbers go well. Hari seems to have patented success formula for cop stories. Saamy Square is a good watch for those who love action-packed commercial entertainers.

Verdict : Saamy Square – Cop vs gangster

Rating: 3.5/5