After Mundasupatti comes Ratsasan. Call it a surprise, filmmaker Ramkumar has come of age in his very second film. For a convincing comedy he has managed to render a gripping thriller,

A crime thriller of whodunit genre, the movie has enough twists and turns to keep you glued to their seats. With an apt star cast and string script Ramkumar manages to achieve what he wanted to convey. There is blood, gore, action and some intelligent sequence of events that makes up the movie.

The key is Ramkumar’s writing. It flows well all though keeping the suspense element alive.

There is smartness in every frame. Be it emotion, anger or revenge, he is right there getting the best from his star cast. Vishanu Vishal as tough cop Arun, Amala Paul as his ladylove, Munsih Kanth and Kaali Venkat are stalk and cheese of the movie.

The movie in a nutshell is about a series of murder of school students and how the tough cop Arun solves the puzzle and arrives at the killer. There is a logical reasoning behind these killings.

It is Vishnu Vishal, who gives his best and carries the movie on his shoulders. He is vibrant, active and gives his best. The actor’s screen presence and his suspicious interpretations as police personnel add to the strength of the film. Munishkant Ramadoss and Kali Venkat, known for their comedy skills play serious roles. Amala Paul adds more weight with character with a spontaneous performance.

It is a thriller that is engaging and send fear in your spines. Ramkumar has managed to come up with a seamless narration with twists and turns at right intervals.

Having said that Ratsasan is a film that would appease those who love this genre with minimal flaws and maximum excitement.

Verdict : Ratsasan – Crime, convict & case

Rating: 3.75/5