Crime thrillers always find favor with people. If executed well, they end up spinning money at the box office.

Especially the whodunit crime thriller provides a seat-edge watch for fans. Joining the list of crime thrillers in Tamil cinema is Raja Ranguski, remember the title reminds one of writer Sujatha’s works.

Sirish, who made his presence felt in Tamil cinema after an intense show in Metro recently, plays the lead. Chandi Thaizharasan, Anuipama Kumar form part of the cast. Balaji Dharanitharanhas managed to wield the movie in an intense and engaging manner possible.

The highlight of Raja Ranguski is of course Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music. In a nutshell, the movie is about a police constable who is made the prime suspect in the murder of a woman. With the mysterious killer intent on making him the scapegoat, can he clear his name?

The movie revolves around Sirish, a police constable. He falls for Ranguski (Chandni). After series of attempts to woo her, he wins her heart. But he gets a call which surprises him by speaking his own voice and even threatens to kill Ranguski. So he goes to Ranguski’s flat to protect her.

But call it a shocker; a neighbor Maria Paulraj (Anupama), an antique collector is killed. The blame falls on Sirish. A tough cop, KK (Jayakumar) begins search for sirish. How he clears himself from the blame forms the crux.

Sirish gives a decent performance considering this to be his second outing. His emotions, anger and agony are brought out well. He is right there using the opportunity well. Chani has yet again proved that she can do any role well. But her character could have been written meaty. Anupama Kumar is an apt cast.

With Yuvan rendering apt BGM the movie has portions that stands talk. A murder mystery needs to be backed by a solid writing. Balaji Dharanitharan has done it well. His surprises, twists and turns in the script work out well. And the climax is riveting. A gripping fare.

Verdict : Raja Ranguski – Dial M for murder

Rating: 3.25/5