Call it a political punch. Anand Shankar’s NOTA is finally here. It is loaded with contemporary political happenings. And Arjun Devarkonda makes his debut in Tamil. Expectations soar sky-high and there are some feel-good moments.

NOTA are certainly a takeoff from films like Mudhalvan and Bharath Engira Naan. But course of events are different and the raw political elements make it engaging. With a wonderful performer like Vijay Devarkonda at the helm of affairs, the movie is breezy and a good entertainer too.

The star cast too is solid with the likes of Nasser, Sathyaraj, Mehreen Pirzad, Sanchana Ntarajan among others. Music is by Sam CS. The movie revolves entirely around Varun (Vijay Devarkonda). The movie begins like Bharath Engira Naan of Mahesh Babu with minor changes.

Varun is in London and his father Vonidhan (Nasser) has to step down from Chief Minister’s post following his imprisonment in an illegal assets case. He cleverly makes his son Varun as CM. Varun is a typical youngster and a party animal. He knows nothing about politics.

He has to gear up for the challenge. Life comes around for him. There are plenty of challenges waiting for him. Cutout culture, cutting culture, Ministers bowing down, corruption among other things irks him.

There is a gradual change like we see in Mudhalvan happening here and Varun decides to stay and do his might. How the transformation happens in him makes up the movie. There is a counselor Sathyaraj, who resembles veteran journalist Cho’s traits adding value to the story.

Interestingly Anand has touched up on contemporary political events in Tamilnadu like resort drama, admitted in hospital, Chennai floods and sticker culture among others. A brilliant music by Sam CS makes it an elevating experience.

Vijay Devarkonda is the flesh and bolos of the movie. He does his job well. Emotes at ease. From a lover-boy image he transforms to performing roles. Sathyaraj hogs enough limelight. His breezy performance is worthy to watch. Nasser chips in well, while Mehren has little to do.

A political thriller is always a hit among masses. Anand shankar has mixed contemporary elements to make it work. NOTA are here to stay.

Verdict : NOTA – Politics, pressure

Rating: 3/5