It seems to be the season of movies on dance. After lakshmi, now comes Koothan. It is a fun-filled watch for those who love dance. In a nutshell, the movie is about a young dancer and his friends. They participate in an international dance competition to earn money for his personal needs.

Directed by AL Venky, it features Nagendra Prasad, brother of Prabhu Deva and Raju Sundaram. A professional dancer, he sets the screen on fire. Three cheers to the director for an interesting storyline.

Koothan is all about dance and dance. A dancer who dreams big in life is the flesh and blood of the movie. Raana (Rajkumar) is a dancer. He makes money appearing in shows. His mother (Urvasi), a junior artiste in films. They struggle to make ends meet in their lives. Raana meets Srilakshmi (Srijita Ghosh). She is dancer.

They come together at a competition. There is a twist in the tale. Srilakshmi has some personal scores to be settled between jer and Krishna (Nagendra Prasad). As days go by, Raana and Srilakshmi become close.

Raana is a dedicated dancer. Understanding his love for dance, Srilakshmi’s sister decides to teach him Bharahanatyam. Things were going fine till a producer decides to sell his house in the film city which his mother and other junior artistes considered lucky for them.

They plead the producer not to sell the house and he in turn demands a big amount from them for their request. Now the in us is on Raana and his friends who decide to go for an international dance competition to earn money. What happens in their lives and did Srilakshmi settle score with Krishna form the crux.

Rajkumar and Nagendra Prasad have delivered it well. The pour emotion, dance well and also have scenes where their acting talent is brought to the fore.

The sub-plots too are interesting. Venky has managed a decent outing and the movie is entertaining for those who madly love dance.

Verdict : Koothan – Dance baby dance

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