Genius Movie Review
Genius Movie Review

Genius Movie Review : Susienthiran is always known for making movies that are not just entertaining but also make you think.

He has care and concern for the society. He ensures that his film touch upon issues that are rarely explored in cinema.

Now comes Genius. As the title suggests it is a movie that speaks about academic pressure, peer pressure, work pressure and eventually and is forced to develop depression.

The movie speaks about a young boy is pressured by his father since his younger days to be school topper and when he grows up made to run around to achieve targets.

The man eventually breaks down and falls into depression. Roshan plays the lead. Priyaa Lal is the heroine while Aadukalam Naren plays a doting father.

Roshan is pressurized by his father (Aadukalam Naren) to secure top rank in school. Study well and get good placement. As he enters office, the pressure to achieve target begins. It so happens that the run after run makes his fall in expression and eventually schizophrenic.

Roshan pulls it off well and delivers what his director wants. He pours right emotion and does a convincing job, while as a caring father Aadukalam Naren does a good job. Priyaa Lal as female lead is apt choice for the role.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is the major boost for the movie and cinematographer Gurudev captures beauty of Palani with his lens well.

Though Genius is no match to Azhagarsaamyin Kudhirai, Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer, Jeeva and Naan Mahaan Alla, still the movie is engaging and entertaining. A Shorty and crispy entertainer with a message.

Verdict : Genius – A strong message

Rating: 2.5/5