Comedian Appu Kutty, who played the lead in films like Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai, now dons the lead role in a titled Vaazhga Vivasayi. As the title suggests, he plays a farmer in it.

Directed by newcomer Ponni Mohan, the movie speaks about the plight of farmers in Tamilnadu. Vasundhra, Muthuraman, Kalki and Madurai Saroja are in the supporting cast.

‘The movie deals with the plight of farmers in Tamilnadu. It talks about the hardships faced by farmers grappling with severe water scarcity and the resulting perils due to the drought situation. Since they do not know any other profession, they resort to extreme measures.

I wanted to explore the emotions of these simple people’, says the director. Vasundhra will be playing the role of farmer’s wife.