Vijay Sethupathi is known for doing diverse roles. He excelled in all his endeavors with utmost ease. Be it action-packed roles or comical outings, he has given his best. Now comes 96 which bring the romantic hero out of Vijay Sethupathi.

Sharing the screen for the first time with Trisha, Vijay Sethupathi has brought out the love- loran youth and his disappointment at his break-up very well. His body language and dialogue delivery are the hallmark of the movie. Especially towards the climax, his confusion and urge to hold on to his love is awesome.

Trisha reminds one of her Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya days. Bubbly, cute and expressive, she comes across as a bold and strong woman. She is there delivering what the script wants. Amazing but measures performance by her.

Director Premkumar’s 96 is a trip down the memory lane for s travel photographer who meets his school friends in a reunion. He happens to come across his ex lover girl, who studied in the same class. What happens then forms the crux of this movie that oozes with romance.

There are several cute romantic scenes that are engaging. A visual treat for youngsters. And the high school romance is the highlight of the movie.

Devadarshini, Bagvathy Perumal chipping in with their best. Aditya Baskar and Gauri Kishan as young Ram and Janaki are the major highlight of the movie.

Premkumar deserves credit for a strong writing. He ensures that they are many feel- good moments in the movie.

Govinda Vasantha’s music, Mahendran Jayaraju and Shauga Sundaram camera add value to the film. Not just the songs but BGM add more to the story. Premkumar passes the muster thanks to Govinda Vasanth.

96 are more a sophisticated Azhagi that is worth a watch.

Verdict : 96 – Love is in the air

Rating: 3.5/5