Ezhumin Movie Review
Ezhumin Movie Review

A movie on children is rare in Tamil cinema. A few made before managed to make a mark among audience. Now comes Ezhumin. A film that speaks about young kids and need to motivate their talent. We have seen Karate Kids in Hollywood.

Here comes the desk version with more drama and a social message attached to it. Produced and directed by VP Viji, the movie is all about a couple who go on to motivate the kids and help them realize their dream. They want to fulfill the dream of their son, who passed away.

With Vivek at the scheme of things, Ezhumin makes an interesting watch. There is Devayani to give her best as his wife. And a bunch of young kids, who excel in the task assigned to them. Vishwanathan (Vivekh) and Bharathi (Devayani) are a couple.

All things go well for them. Their only son until whose life revolves around their son Arjun, who is into boxing. Arjun is a kind-hearted boy and he is upset at his friends discouraged to pursue martial arts. He has a dream of starting a sports academy for them.

Ezhumin Movie Review
Ezhumin Movie Review

Sadly one day in a tournament, Arjun falls down unconscious and dies. Now his parents step in to realise his dreams. They start a sports academy as dreamt by their son. They provide quality training to poor. Upset with their act is Sundaram (Azhagam Perumal), who heads the Tamil Nadu Sports Academy Association. His men kidnap the children. Vishwanathan seeks help from his friend Rajasekar (Premkumar), a cop, to find the missing children.

Three cheers to Viji who managed to render an engrossing film that speaks about the need to listen to our children. It speaks about the love of parents and better understanding what they want. Vivek gives his best and interestingly Devyani compliments hi well. All the kids to chip in well. Ezhumin is a wonderful team work and if there are anomy lacunae in the film, it can be overlooked for the message they try to convey.

Verdict : Ezhumin – Children’s day out

Rating: 3/5


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