Yeidhavan Movie Review

May 11, 2017

Movies are for two purposes - to entertain and educate. Here comes Sakthi Rajasekaran's Yeidhavan that serves both. It not just stops with entertaining you bit educates you on the education system.The movie speaks about the scam in medical education. The medicos and their travails.


Yeidhavan Movie English Review

The filmmaker seems to have done extensive research and managed to bring out facts in an engrossing manner. He has managed to blend entertainment like comedy and romance too at the right mix.

Yeidhavan Movie Tamil Review

Apt characters playing characters well and behind the screen support by technicians adds pep to the proceedings. The likes of Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, Vela Ramamoorthy, Aadukalam Naren, Rajkumar, Saretheran, Valavan, Madras Vinoth, Krishna Kumar, Gautham and Sandra Amy in the cast.

Production is by S Sudhakaran and music by Partiv Bargoo. Rocky Prabhakar, takes care of action while Sathish Soundar has written the dialogues.

After setting the screen on fire with films like Madras, Kabali and Adhey Kangal, Kalaiyarasan plays the lead in Yeidhavan that of an angry young man.

Kalaiayarasan leads a contended life with his faily that includes his parents and his sister. He runs his own business and he falls in love with an inspector (Satna Titus).

All hell breaks loose when his sister seeks admission in a medical college. They manage through brokers and pay heavy sum to get herself admitted.

Shockingly it has no government recognition. Now Kalaiyarasan runs from pillar to post in a fight against the corrupt medical college and their bosses. He is joined by studnets.

In the melee, he loses his sister. Now there is a twist in her death. Kalaiayasaran has to use both his brains and muscle to finish his enemy(s). How he does that forms the rest.

It is a super show by Kalaiyarasan. He gets in to the act well. Romance and action aplenty for him. Also his body language as angry young man is appreciable.

Satna Titus is good, while Adukalam Naren and Vela Ramamoorthy chip in well. Rajkumar, Saretheran, Valavan, Madras Vinoth, Krishna Kumar gets into their character and executes it well.

Music is good. A couple of songs by Partiv Bargoo is good. Prem Kumar of ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom’ fame cranks camera well. Yeidhavan is a touchy tale that voices a cause and it is bold and beautiful.

# Verdict :Yeidhavan - Serves a purpose

# Rating: 3.5/5