Why is there a jail at Bigg Boss 2 house?

June 14, 2018

Bigg Boss season 2 will begin this Sunday. Several names have been doing the rounds as to who would enter the house. Meanwhile the house which saw the likes of Oviya, Snehan, Ganesh venkatram, Sakthi, raiza among others stay has been remodeled. The house has been recreated in a different manner.

why is there a jail at bigg boss 2 house?

Interestingly, the set for Bigg Boss 2 house put up at EVP Studios in Bengaluru National Highway has been redesigned and made to look differently from that of the first season.

It has a huge lawn and few seating arrangements made as the contestants enter. There is a swimming pool outside. Interestingly a huge jail has been put up in the house. One wonders whether it would house those who are punished. It sounds interesting.

As one enters the house, they can see a huge living room with a dining table. There is a sofa and TV on right side and the kitchens at other side. The house for season 2 looks sprawling.

Interestingly the room where women contestants stay is painted pink and the men's room is painted blue. The smoking room which was near the lawn last time has been shifted near the bathroom.

The new house is big and sprawling.