Vaigai Express Movie Review

March 24, 2017

After Ellam Avan Seyal. Actor RK and filmmaker Shaji are coming together for another riveting thriller in Vaigai Express.

vaigai express

The whole movie unfolds in a moving train and it is a gritty tale of enquiry and thrilling action.

The whodunit thriller has a huge star cast that includes Neethu Chandra, Ramesh Khanna, Suman, John Vijay, M S Baskar, Nasser among others.

Neetu Chandra does a superb show. He is the surprise element in the film. The actress pours right emotions and sparkles in gual role.

Director Shaji Kailash has ensured that quite like his Ellam Avan Seyal, Vaigai Express too have enough scenes to engage and entertain audience.

The various events RK comes across police officer to enquire series of death in train makes an interesting watch.

The scene stealer is Neetu Chandra. She in a dual role has enough scope to prove her acting skills. She does with aplomb. The rest of the cast too chip in well.

Three murders take place at a AC coach in Vaigai Express that leaves Chennai Egmore. A senior police officer (RK) is entrusted with the job of cracking the case.

There are also reports that a dreaded ultra (RK Selvamani) was travelling in the same train.

How RK goes about to apprehend the killer forms the crux. There is an unexpected twist towards the climax.

Produced by Makkal Pasarai, the first half is good while the latter part lacks punch.

Verdict : Vaigai Express - Fast track

Rating: 2.75/5