Thamizh Padam 2 Movie Review

July 12, 2018

Filmmaker C S Amudhan knows the knack of coming up with spoofs. His Tamizh Padam was a hilarious outing about eight years ago that was a fun filled spoof of Tamil cinema. Shiva played the lead and the movie has everything in it to entertain masses.

The sequel is also on the similar lines with enough in to entertain and engage audience.

thamizh padam 2 movie review

Shiva's presence and his unique style of comedy makes it count. He delivers one-liners without blinking his eyes and comes up with a body language throwing comical lines with all seriousness.

Shiva as usual plays an undercover who embarks on a mission to finish an underworld don.

Everything and anything is spoofed in the movie. Almost all actors including superstar, from top politician to Prime Minister, Baahubali to Kabali, everything finds a funny mention in the script. The movie is about how Shiva is compelled to join the police in a bid to put an end to a dreaded don called P (Crazy Sathish). Remember it was D in the first part.

Call it guts to touch upon popular names in Tamilnadu and spoof them. Shiva appears all through as he in his own style brings out the several mass heroes of Tamil cinema before the eyes of audience. Aishwarya Menon plays his ladylove. Crazy Sathish appears in various get-up as a comical baddie.

The highlight of the movie is the way the scenes unfold. They remind of of earlier films yet takes a dig at cliches. Kannan music is added strength, while crisp editing by Suresh makes it count.

Amudhan deserves guts for taking a bold way to pace the movie. There is abundant laughter set in familiar style. A meme of movie scenes, he has everything in it to enthuse audience.

Verdict : Thamizh Padam 2 - Fun in film

Rating: 3.5/5