Sivalinga Movie Review

April 14, 2017

P Vasu is at it after a brief interval. Remember he is a master filmmaker in blending eerier thrillers with right commercial elements.

sivalinga movie review

Sivalinga Tamil Movie Review

Chandramukhi is a standing example to it. Now after a brief interval, he is back with a similar genre in Sivalinga.

Sivalinga Movie Review

The movie stars Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Vadivelu, Sakthi P Vasu among others with music by S S Thaman.

A remake of Kannada blockbuster titled the same, which was directed by Vasu himself, the movie, has been tweaked at places to suit Tamil audience.

Radha Ravi, Urvashi, Bhanupriya and Vadivelu. Are also in the cast.

A murder takes place in a train. A pigeon is the only witness. But it is mistook as suicide.. But on suspicion enters Raghava Lawrence, a CID officer to crack the case. Meanwhile there is Rithika SIngh, whom she marries.

Interestingly the case has a backdrop in his personal life too. Some eerie moments are witnessed by Raghava Lawrence in his personal life.

Going against all odds, he manages to come up trumps. There is comedy in the form of Vadivelu and an interesting role played by Shakthi P Vasu.How Raghava Lawrence cracks the case forms the rest.

A tailor-made role for P Vasu and does it with aplomb. His signature style dialogue delivery and dance movements are there in the movie.

Rithika Singh as his wife is equally good. Quite like P Vasu's earlier movies, the heroine here has a major role to play.

She does it convincingly well. Three cheers to Vadivelu for providing instant laughter.

He is there all through to have you in splits. His one-liners and typical dialogue delivery brings the roof down in laughter.

Sakthi P Vasu has a major role to play. He does it well and gets under the skin of the character to do his best. Music is by Thaman and songs are peppy and encouraging.

P Vasu's handling of the script is good and does narrate the incidents well.

Though there are some cliched moments, Sivalinga is an entertainer with fun unlimited.

Verdict : Sivalinga - Thriller all the way

Rating: 3/5