Seyal Movie Review

May 19, 2018

Remember Vijay starrer Shahjahan. Released a decade ago, the romantic entertainer won applauds. Now filmmaker Ravi Abulu is back after a big gap to come out with Seyal.

It is a movie that speaks about gangsters and dons but in a humorous way. At places, the baddie goes serious while at few scenes he is shown in a lighter vein.

seyal movie review

Seyal Review

When a young boy hits a gangster in a market obviously it lands him in trouble. Every attempt by the gangster to hit the boy at the same ends ends in vain. Who wins the battle at last forms the crux. There are romances, comedy among others that form a place in the film.

The cast includes newbies Rajan, Tarushi, and Chammak Chandra.

Seyal Tamil Review

Ravi has attempted few first-of-its kinds in the movie. A few impresses while a few goes unnoticed. Comedy is the prime element of the plot.

Also the way, the desperate villain is getting humiliated every time in the market, by the police and finally by his wife adds up more flavors to the comedy.

The lead pair Rajan-Tarushi has done a decent job. Their body language and expressions are good. Chammak Chandra as villain is tailor-made for the role. He looks rugged and does full justice to the character.

The movie begins in a slow note and gathers steam as it progresses. Seyal is interesting especially in the second half.

Siddharth Vipin's music is good and BGM are apt for the script. Ilayaraja's camera captures beauty of Kerala. All said, Seyal is a light-hearted revenge drama.

Verdict : Seyal - Action, satisfaction