Rajkamal pins hopes on Melnaatu Marumagan

February 11, 2018

Rajkamal, who managed to establish a place for himself on small screen, will see his movie geroic venture Melnattu Marumagan release big on 16 February.


Directed by MSS and produced by Sky Movies, the movie has Andrean paired against Rajkamal. Cinematography is by Gauthamkrishna, music is by Kishore Kumar, editing by Rajkeerthi and songs penned by Na. Muthukumar, Nanjil Nathan, Aakatti Arumugam and MSS.

The story is said to be revolving around the cultural heritage of our country and is shot in the prominent tourist places of Tamilnadu.

Andrean has lived in Auroville for many years and is fluent in Tamil. I found her suitable for the lead role in the film, says the director.

On his part Rajkamal, said, 'Though Meelmaatu Marumagan was completed a long back, finally it managed to overcome all odd and release next week. I hope the audience would love the film'.

Introduced by K Balachander in the tele serial Sahana, Rajkamal has come a long way.