Pallip Paruvathilae Movie Review

December 15, 2017

Palli Paruvathilae is about young romance and its consequences on the families of boy and girl. In a nutshell, the movie is about a school student who falls for his classmate.

They come together and when their romance grows strong, enter the girl's family. Fearing their opposition, she says that she isn't love with him, and this plays spoilsport ion his life.

pallip paruvathilae movie review

Pallip Paruvathilae Movie english Review

The movie is directed by Vasudev Bhaskar is said to base on the real life incidents that he experienced at school and shot at the same campus in Tanjore.

Nandhan Ram, son of noted music composer Sirpi, is debuting as the male lead and actress Venbha, who acted in Kadhal Kasakkudaiah before, essays the heroine.

Popular filmmaker KS Ravikumar plays headmaster Sarangan.Ponvannan,Thambi Ramaiah, Ganja Karuppu and RK Suresh are also in the cast.

The movie speaks about the culture of Thanjavur district, their routine and their traditions in depth. Casteism in today's society are also touched upon.

Pallip Paruvathilae Movie tamil Review

Romance between school students Kalaiarasan (Nandhan Ram) and Kanimozhi (Venba), who study in same class is where the movie begins.

Interestingly Kalai's father Sarangan (KS Ravikumar) is the school's principal, while Kani's father (Ponvannan) and uncle (RK Suresh) are popular heads in the village. Fearing their chiding, the girl backtracks and she hides the love. This puts Kalaiarasan in trouble.

The highlight of movie is wonderful performance by the lead stars Nandha Ram and Venba.

They both played their part well. Ponvannan and RK Suresh do a good act. However Ravikumar stands out tall. He has given a wonderful performance. He holds the whole movie together.

The story has been narrated in such a way that it moves the audience and makes them sympathise for the lead characters. The music is string and the cinematography was good.

Palli Paruvathilae is a movie that speaks about honur killing. It sets out a strong message, Three cheers to Vasudev Bhaskar for delivering a solid stuff.

Pallip Paruvathilae Movie - Students, sorrow

Rating: 3.25/5