Pakka Movie Review

April 27, 2018

Vikram Prabhu after serious films like Kumki, Ivan Vera Mathiri and Arima Nambi has taken to commercial entertainers. He chose films with a dose of comedy, romance and little emotion. No different is Pakka. Directed by SS Surya, the movie features him in dual roles.

The comedy-drama features Bindhu Madhavi, Nikki Galrani, Shanthini Deva, Soori, Sathish, Ravi Mariya, SIngam Puli among others. Music is by C Sathya.

pakka movie review

Pakka Tamil Movie Review

Interestingly Vikram Prabhu does dual role for the first time and he do not play brothers. They are just two different people who are identical.

Pakka begins with Vikram Prabhu as Dhoni Kumar, who is a habitual drunkard and he comes Nadhiya (Bindhu Madhavi). She is in love with the other Vikram Prabhu named Pandi. She mistakes Dhoni Kumar as Pandi. He somehow clarifies that he is not Pandi.

Flashback reveals that Nadhiya falls in love with Pandi because he saved her life once. She runs away from her home to marry Pandi. There in Nikki Galrani as Rajini Manram chief. There is a romantic portion with Vikram Prabhu for her.

Pakka Review

Vikram Prabhu does a decent job. Comedy comes good for him. Bindu Madhavi is cute and bubbly. Niki Galrani oozes glamour. Sathish and Soori tries to evoke laughter.

Director SS Surya, a debutant director the movie is a comedy family entertainer. Interestingly songs by Sathya are okay and a couple is foot-tapping.

All said, Pakka is strictly for those who love comedy genre without any logic.

Verdict : Pakka- Comedy caper