No more internet booking charges in multiplex complex

July 17, 2017

Since GST came into effect on July 1, the price of movie tickets below Rs 100 has increased by 18%, while the price of tickets above Rs 100 has increased by 28%. Abirami Ramanathan has made a bold move to encourage film lovers to watch movies in his theatre.


Post GST, the ticket prices have gone up by 30 rupees in multiplexes. So the ticket prices at multiplexes are now placed at 153 plus rupees 30 if you are pre-booking your ticket in online.

To make movie watching relatively cheaper, Abirami Ramanathan has decided to abolish the internet convenience charges starting from yesterday, 14th July in his multiplex Abirami Mega Mall. So from now, you can watch movies without paying any additional cost for online booking at Abirami Mega Mall.