Mr Chandramouli Movie Review

July 6, 2018

When the real life father-son repeats the same on screen, their onscreen chemistry would be the highlight. Director Thiru has managed to make it possible with Mr Chandramouli.

A tale of a loving father and am adorable son, the movie stars veteran actor Karthik and Gautham Karthik the bond in reel too.

mr chandramouli movie review

Mr Chandramouli Tamil Review

Produced by Dhananjayan, the movie boasts of big names like Varalaxmi, Mime Gopi, Sathish, Santosh Prathap among others. There is plenty to cheer about in the movie with emotion, action, humour and revenge sage et al. Thiru who proved his worth in films like Samar and Nan Sigappu Thaan rendering a riveting action drama does the same in Mr Chandramouli.

It is the story of an appa and his son who spend all time together. Karthik and Gautham Karthik lives a happy world. Enters Regina. She falls for Gautham Karthick. Gautham is a professional boxer.

A professional rivalry between two call taxi operators results in Karthik's death. Gautham mistakes it to be a natural death until his dad's son (Agathiyan) reveals the details behind Karthik's demise. The revenge drama begins.

Mr Chandramouli is the perfect comeback for Karthick in a meaty role. He is right there giving his best. He emotes well. A seasoned performer, he holds the whole movie together.

Mr Chandramouli Review

Gautham Karthik is not far behind. He is fresh, young and energetic. He is right there playing a wonderful part in the film. He has plenty to do.

Regina has enough to perform while Sathish comes up with one-liners in the first half only disappear towards the latter part of the film. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar does a tricky role and does full justice to it.

Mr Chandramouli speaks about a different story of call taxi mayhem and its safety. Entertaining and engaging, Mr Chandramouli is here to stay. A movie to cherish and relish.

Verdict : Mr. Chandramouli - Dad is my world

Rating: 3/5