Maniyaar Kudumbam Movie Review

August 4, 2018

When Thambi Ramaiah chose to take a backseat and make a movie, everyone was surprised. After Indiralphathil Na Azhagappan, comes his next directorial after almost a decade.

Maniyaar Kudumbum is about a family and their travails in a village. Besides wielding the megaphone, Thambi Ramiah plays a pivotal role.

The movie marks the debut of Umapathy as hero. It is set in a small village about a family which commanded respect from all in the place.

maniyaar kudumbam movie review

Maniyaar Kudumbam English Review

Nadhagarsamy (Thambi Ramaiah) is the head of the family. His son is Umapathy. The father is lazy and he is jobless. He has high hopes on his son Kuttimani (played by his son Umapathy Ramaiah). Kuttimani is just like his father; jobless and has no actual aim in life.

He is love with Maghizham Poo (Mridula Murali), a hardworking beautiful young woman who lives in the same village. Nadhagarsamy knows about their love and he sets out to meet Magizham’s father with a few people from the village to ask for their marriage.

But they get humiliated by Maghizham's father (Jayaprakash) as he finds the father-son duo's family worthless to take care of his daughter.

Maniyaar Kudumbam Review

An insulated Kuttimani vows that he will achieve something big in life and marry Maghizham soon. He later starts a windmill project by convincing the villagers to contribute Rs One crore.

But the gullible father-son duo get conned when a driver steals the money, making them face the fury of the villagers. What follows next is how Kuttimani finds the money.

Thambi Ramiah's writing is the key. The emotions and comical situations are handled well by him. He holds the whole movie together. Umapathy delivers it in style.

He in his first venture proves that he got the right variety. Dance and stunts come good for him. Mrudula as heroine is impressive. Jayaprakash is impressive with her super show.

Samuthirakirani does a cameo. Interestingly the movie has music by Thambi Ramaiah himself. The songs are racy and engaging too.

All said, Maniyaar Kudumbam is a movie that is worth a watch.

Verdict : Maniyaar Kudumbam - Family fare at its best

Rating: 3/5