M Karunanidhi was a prolific speaker and writer

August 8, 2018

DMK president M Karunanidhi (Kalaignar) since childhood was fond of writings and speeches.

His unique leadership qualities blossomed at the age of 14, when he organized a Language agitation.

m karunanidhi

This agitation led him to Dravidian politics and great leaders of Dravidan movement like Periyar and Anna embraced him as a disciple dearer to their hearts.

As a student, he started his own hand-written monthly journal--Manava Nesan--and also organized a Tamil Students' Association to bring back the glory of Tamil heritage and Dravidian ideals.

Kalaignar's elegant and provocative article Ilamaippali Published in Dravidanadu, attracted the attention of its editor Aringnar Anna.

He launched Murasoli - a monthly magazine in 1942 to quench his insatiable thirst for writing on social justice and Dravidian politics.

m karunanidhi

Besides being a young and emerging Dravidian leader, he expanded his spheres of activates in numerous fields, including Tamil literature and performing arts. He has been a remarkable script writer both for drama and cinema since 1944.

He symbolizes unique Tamil culture and socio-political radicalism by promoting social harmony and economic progress which were transparently seen in Tamilnadu's development scenario.