Kavan Movie Review

March 31, 2017

Vijay Sethupathi has plenty up his sleeve these couple of years. He has been coming up with lot of films that have distinctively different storylines.


Kavan Movie Review

Now he is part of a film that is being directed by K V Anand.

The cinematographer-director known for his racy commercial ventures with catchy message and socially aware themes.

Kavan Movie Tamil Review

He touches one here. He goes on a path of exposing media nexus with corrupt politicos and corporates. It reminds one Ko at places and fails to set the momentum going in second half. It loses steam as it progresses.

Lag is the word for Kavan. Vijay Anand who starts well is dominated by T Rajhender in the second half.

Produced by AGS Entertainments, the movie speaks about corporatization and its effects in media. Writers Suba and Kabilan Vairamuthu's writings are the saving grace.

Madonna Sebstain of Premam fame joins is also in the cast.

Kavan is about a fight between a corporation conglomerate and the common man. A group of college student spearhead a movement, which is headed by Vikranth.

Madonna and Vijay play the roles of a journalist. Vijay Sethupathi plays her friend and how they interfere in it form the rest.

HipHop Tamizha has scored music while Abhinandhan's camera is good.

Kavan promised a in its trailer and promised a punch.

But the end product falls short. The pace is lost towards the latter part.

Had Anand made it more scrisp, the end product could have been different.

Kavan - Speed is the problem

Rating: 2.5/5