Kathiruppor Pattiyal Movie Review

May 4, 2018

Balaiya D Rajasekhar has attempted to provide a light-hearted romantic entertainer in the backdrop of a railway station. With a host of characters and elements that manage to draw the attention of youngsters, the movie manages a decent watch.

kathiruppor pattiyal movie review

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Tamil Review

The premise begins on an interesting note with engaging moments. What begins as an action thriller ends up as a romantic flick. Humour works out well especially towards the second half. It is backed up by a team of strong technicians. Cinematography is by M Sukumar, music by Sean Roldan, Art direction by Lalgudi N Ilayaraja and editing by Ruben.

Sachin Mani plays a happy-go-lucky youngster Sathya who falls for Megala (Nandhitha). Meanwhile there is a RPF inspector in Tambaram station WIlliams (Aruldoss). Annoyed that the public do not respect them when compared to cops who deal with law and order or traffic, he wants to act strict on offenders.

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Review

He catches offenders that includes a sex doctor (Kunjitha Badham), a beggar Kodeeswaran (Mayilsamy), Sathish (Appukutty), a wannabe filmmaker Baskar (Senrayan) and an actor Sasikumar fane Kuttipuli (Arunraja Kamaraj).

By holding back sathya, WIlliams spoils the plans of a youngster who is about to elope with his girlfriend. How does the latter escape from the officer’s custody with the help of others forms the crux.

The film has a simple and interesting plot and humour makes it count. Sean Roldon's music is apt while sukumar captures it well.

Sachin has come up with a good show while Nandhitha steals the show with her act. Mottai Rajendran does chip in well.

The movie begins well and ends on a promising note. It provides a decent watch.

Verdict : Kathiruppor Pattiyal - Interesting plot

Rating: 3.5/5