Kamal's polands and Minister's remarks

February 14, 2018

Actor Kamal Haasan in his address at Harvard University in USA recently revealed that he is planning on adopting villages from various districts in Tamilnadu.

He further explained that his main idea is to transform and uplift them into model villages in India, and make Tamilnadu a better place for living.

kamal haasan

When questioned whether the Tamilnadu government will give him the permission to go ahead and adopt villages, State Minister D Jayakumar, said, 'We are always for development of villages.

The government has been taking various steps to provide proper electrification, good roads and sanitation besides drinking water facilities to villages.

When individuals and NGOs come forward to join hands with us and help develop, we are always ready'.

Remember D Jayakumar was cryptic about Kamal Haasan and opposed his remarks on several occasions.