Kamal in Nilavembu controversy

October 19, 2017

Following reports of nilvembu drink leading to infertility in men, in a Tweet, actor Kamal Haasan asked his fans to 'not engage in the distribution of Nilavembu till the results of proper studies are out.' He said, ‘let other activities continue.'


In his reaction, State Health Minister C Vijayabvaskar said, 'Nilavembu is a proven medicine, it was tested at King Institute (a State run institution in Chennai) and it increases the platelet, it increases immunity, this has been proven.

There is certification for this (Nilavembu), action will be taken against those who spread in social media that it (Nilavembu) will lead to infertility.'

Joining the issue, BJP leader L Ganesan, said, 'At a time when there ia a fight against dengue, let not spread rumors about nilavembu'.