Kadamban Movie Review

April 14, 2017

At a time when comedy carnivals and eerie thrillers are the order of the day, comes Kadamban.


Kadamban Movie Tamil Review

From the word go, it means to serve a purpose and everything is dealt in an interesting manner without being preachy.

Kadamban Movie Review

Arya, Catherine Teresa play lead roles. Madhuvanti Arun, Y Gee Mahendra, Super Subbarayan, Deepraj Rana play pivotal roles.

With Music by Yuvanshankar Raja, the movie produced by Super good Films is directed by Raghavan, who made Manja Pai before.

The movie that speaks about the need to preserve nature. The need to take care of our environment is highlighted in an entertaining way.

Shot entirely in forests, it chronicles the struggle and travails of a youngster Kadamban (Arya) born and brought up in deep forest.

He fight corporates and ensures that he leads the battle in preserving his piece of land and their culture.

Shot predominantly in deep forests, the highlight of the movie is its climax shot with over 70 elephants.

Arya has given his best and he sizzled the screen with his hard work as Kadamban. His hard work in visible in the way he shaped up his physique to shoot the role.

His daredevil stunt sequences without body double is engaging. Catherine Teresa as Kadamban's ladylove Radhi is sizzling on screen. She gives a measured performance and delivers solid show. The romantic portion between the two work out well.

And the likes of Madhuvanthi, Super Subbarayan and Deepraj Rana have delivered what is expected from them well.

Three cheers to director Raghavan for he manages to extract the best from the artistes.

The grand scale in filmmaking and the script that serves a purpose deserve a mention.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's music adds strength to the story. The camera work by Sathish Kumar is another big highlight.

His lens captures the forest terrain well.Kadamban is out-and-out Arya and Raghavan show.

Both deliver what was expected after a sizzling trailer, well indeed. Watch out for the grandeur and guts in the film.

Verdict : Kadamban - Jungle book

Rating: 3.25/5