KadaiKutty Singam Movie Review

July 13, 2018

Karthi combines with Suriya for an outing on big screen. This time the brothers are at it for amn emotional potboiler. Kadaikutty Singam, produced by Suriya and directed by pandiraj speaks about family, relationship and love for agriculture.

kadaikutty singam

Pandiraj highlights the need for preserving farmers and agricultuire. in a co0mmercially engaging way.

Karthi plays an adorable innocent farmer in a village. His love for his parents and sisters fporms the crux. What happens when his family comes in between him and his love life forms the crux.,

kadaikutty singam

Son of Runasingam (Sathyaraj), Gunasingam (Karthi) leads a happy life .He is a good farmer too. Poompozhil Chellama (Priya Bhavani Sankar) and Andal Priyadharshini (Arthana Banu), daughters of Gunasingam's niece wants to marry him. But Karthi loves Kannukuiniyal (Sayeesha). Family separates and there is intense emotional battle breaks out between all. The onus is on Gunasingam to set it right.

Karthi had a wonderful outing. He has enough opportunities to emote, fight, dance and show his varied acting skills. Soori provides good laughter and evokes humour with his one-liners. Priya Bhavani Sankar and Arthana Banu emote well.

Sathyaraj walks away with applause and has done enough to lend crrdibility to the character. Bhanupriya, Viji Chandrarsekar, Ponvannan, Ilavarasu among others give their best. Music by Imman and Velraj's camera add strength to the script. Pandiraj in the company of Karthi have managed to ensure everything is racy and engaging. Kadaikutty Singam is a cocktail of emotions with family background handled.

Verdict : Kadaikutty Singam - Emotions overflow

Rating: 3.75/5