Kaatru Veliyidai Movie Review

April 7, 2017

Mani Ratnam and love stories go hand in hand. Be it Mouna Ragam, Roja, Alaipayuthae, Ok Kanmani, he had always been there delivering romantic stories with conviction.


Kaatru Veliyidai Movie Review

Kaatru Veliyidai is one such movie from his kitty. It is a contemporary romance and relationship. It is simple story of love between a self-centric Air Force pilot and a self-made doctor in the army.

The movie is set in Jammu & Kashmir. Mani Ratnam returns to his familiar territory after Roja in 1992.

Kaatru Veliyidai Tamil Movie Review

Varun (Karthi) is a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. A youngster with a typical modern-day mindset, he falls for army doctor Leela (Aditi Hydari Rao), who saves the former from an accident.

Leela is a self-made girl. If Varun is more concerned about himself, she expects self-esteem even in romance.

The movie begins with Varun being taken as a captive by the Paksitan army during the Kargil war.

A flashback reveals his romance with Leela in Kashmir. The first half oozes with candyfloss romance and cute moments in the lives of Varun and Leela. But ego and difference of opinion create a vacuum between the two.

In the second-half, Varun resolves to escape from the Pakistani prison with a vow to meet Leela and renew his love for her. How he accomplishes it forms the crux of the story.

Karthi is there delivering his role with aplomb. He is cool and casual and gives his best. Aditi Rao who steals the show. Ravi Verman’s camera and A R Rahman’s music add srength to the film.

Rahman’s songs are foot-tapping and shot very well.

R J Balaji, Rukmani Vijayakumar and Delhi Ganesh are also in the cast.

All said, it is a love story that s grand and glitzy.

Verdict : Kaatru Veliyidai - Romance in the air

Rating: 2.75/5