Kaali Movie Review

May 18, 2018

Vijay Antony has a penchant for emotional tales. His Pichaikkara was loaded with mother sentiment. It was a resounding success. Perhaps taking cue from it, he seems to have gone the similar route for Kaali. Directed by Kiruthiga Udhayaniodhi, the movie is about a Tamil doctor settled in the US and is haunted by a recurring nightmare.

He eventually learns that he is adopted and comes to India to know his real roots. Where does his search lead him forms the crux.

kaali movie review

Kaali Tamil Review

The movie stars Vijay Antony as Dr Bharath, Anjali, Sunaina, Yogi Babu, Gopi, Vela Ramamoorthy and John Vijay begins on a slow note and gathers momentum towards the second half. More of an Autograph but with a twist of searching his original parents, it needs Io have more pace fused in the script, But a shrewd Kiruthiga has managed to use whodunit concept in the emotional tale to ensure the movie is made as engaging entertainer.

Dr Bharath (Vijay Antony) is a successful cardio surgeon in America. He comes to know that he is adopted. He realizes that he has to travel to India to know his original roots following a nightmare that haunts him. He comes to know on return to India that his name is Kaali and his mother's name is Parvathy. He goes to her village to track down his father, whose identity is unknown. Does he find what he is after?

Kaali Review

Vijay Antony takes the help of Gopi (Yogi Babu) and goes in search of his roots. It is an adventurous journey and made more emotional. The story unfolds in four different stages of a man.

The second half of the movie is engaging. It has enough twists and turns. Interestingly the apt star cast and characterization by the filmmaker works out well.

Viay Antpny as confused man pulls it off well. He understands the character and gets under the skin to give his best, Anjali could have had more opportunities. Sunaina's role is written well while Yogi Babu's comedy is good.

The movie is a typical Vijay Antony fare and is sure to appease his fans, thanks to Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi's efforts.

Verdict : Kaali - Emotional journey