Inayathalam Movie Review

May 19, 2017

Today cyber-crimes are the order of the day. The newspapers reports such incidents the maximum. Perhaps taking inspiration from them comes Inayathalam, a movie that speaks about technology is being used for wrong purposes.


Inayathalam Movie English Review

Directors Shankar and Suresh has managed to come out with a gripping thriller that is interesting from the word go. The movie has Ganesh Venkatram, Swetha Menon, Erode Mahesh, G Koushika, Y Gee Mahendra in key roles. Playing a cameo and an important character is Sukanya.

Inayathalam Movie Tamil Review

Produced by Uma Shankar, the movie ha camera by Karthik Raja and music by Arrol Corelli. Editing is by Rajneesh.Swetha Menan is an officer in cyber wing department in Coimbatore.

She is assisted by Erode Mahesh. A shocking incident of a website live streaming a murder takes place. The onus falls on Swetha Menon and Erode Mahesh to crack the case.

They are joined by Ganesh Venkatram, a law and order police. The trio takes up the task but subsequent murders in the same fashion troubles them.

How they crack the case and who is the killer and what's his/her motive shocks all.Ganesh plays his part well. He had been a cop in few films before and does it well.

Erode Mahesh is fresh and bubbly. Swetha Menon does a good act. But Sukanya who appears towards the end is the scene stealer. She does it well and livens up the proceedings.

Iniyathalam is a must watch for today's generation. It is educative and entertaining. The directors Shankar and Suresh have done some research and brought it well on screen.

Verdict : Inayathalam - Technology rules