I am cool and waiting for positive result for Tamizh Padam 2: Siva

July 11, 2018

Thanks to my producer Sashi and filmmaker C S Amudhan, I have very little pressure as I wait for positive results from Tamizh Padam releasing tomorrow in a big way.

Speaking about the film, he says, 'Spoof movie as such is not an easy task. We have to maintain everything in a storyline and at the same time make everyone laugh. We should not be repetitive. Thanks we managed to pull it off'.

i am cool and waiting for positive result for tamizh padam 2: siva

Shiva adds, 'The faith that producers Y Not had on us made it happen. They have an appetite for quality films'.

We have not needlessly spoofed or made fun of anything and everything in the movie. There is a reason behind all this. Amudhan came up with funny lines and gave us liberty to improvise on it a lot, he says and adds, 'Three cheers to Crazy Sathish who too has done his bit'.

Chetan, a popular TV actor in character roles plays a surprise in Tamizh padam2, he says.