Goli Soda 2 Movie Review

June 14, 2018

Cinematographer - filmmaker Vijay Milton won the admiration of all coming up with an action packed entertainer in Goli Soda. Now comes his sequel to the movie.

The movie stars P Samuthirakani, Gautham Vasudev Menon and Chemban Vinod Jo. There is Vinoth, Saravana Subbiah, Bharath Seeni and Esakki Bharath among others.

goli soda 2

Goli Soda 2 Tamil Review

Three youngsters who are related by a common friend are getting ready to begin a happy life, But their lives get changed due to various and they lose everything they hold dear. How do they reclaim their lives and identity?

The movie revolves around Siva (Vinoth), a fun-loving auto driver. He becomes a victim of a politician-loan shark (Saravana Subbaiah). Maaran (Bharath Seeni) is a gangster. He wants to grow big but unfortunately controlled by a gangster. Meanwhile there is a romance of Oli (Esakki Bharath), a sportsman and he becomes a casualty of casteism.

They have a common friend-guide Nadesan (Samuthirakani). He guides them well. The highlight of the movie is Vijay Milton shrewd screenplay. He manages to infuse pace in the story and make the film racy and entertaining. All the artistes have given their best while Samuthirakani is a stand out.

Goli Soda 2 Tamil Movie Review

Though there are three stories, the screenplay is written in such a way that they blend in an engaging manner. The first half is all racy. The dialogues are sharply written and Goli Soda 2 hardly has dull moments in first half.

The movie has enough action scenes. Three cheers to him for making sure that the movie is filled with commercial elements are right mix and also try conveying a message.

Goli Soda is fresh and full of flavour.

Verdict : Goli Soda 2 - Pace, ace

Rating: 3.75/5