Enkitta Mothathe Movie Review

March 24, 2017

Natty Subramaniam had proved his skills not just as a cinematographer but a good actor. His Sathuranga Vettai was a huge hit and went on collect huge. His acting skills were admired by movie-buffs Now comes from his hut another film Enkitta Mothathey. A film that speaks about friendship, deceit and romance.

enkitta mothathe movie

Directed by Ramu Chellappa, the movie is set in 1980s in Thirunelveli. Three cheers to the filmmaker for ensuring the period is aptly recreated.

Those active in 1980s know well that any Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan movie releases with big fanfare and the fans will go berserk with celebrations. The cutouts play a key part during the release.

Ramu Chellappa chronicles the lives of two painters in the film who are fans of Rajini and Kamal respectively. They paint their cutouts. What happens in their lives due to see political problems forms the rest.

As the famous lines from Rajinikanth's song Enkita Mothathey, goes the film's title aptly suits the plot.

The story is all about the legendary actors Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth's fans and the consequences you will face, if you ever try to trigger them. Natty and Rajaji play the role of artists who paint cutouts for a living.

Eventhough both are fans of the two extreme poles of 80s, they remain good friends. A political problem tries to break their friendship in the name of their idolized heroes and what happens next is the rest of the film. Sanchita Shetty and Parvathy Nair are also in the cast. They have a major part to play in the movie.

Cinematographer MC Ganesh Chandra has captured the mood of the film through his lens and created magic with his lighting in every frame.

Newcomer Ramu has managed to extract some fine acting from a bunch of newcomers and relatively new actors. Screenplay could have been much tighter.

The film is bankrolled by Eros International and RV films, m. Overall, Enkita Mothathey is one-time watchable and a good treat for fans.

Verdict : Enkitta Mothathe - Vintage stuff

Rating: 2.75/5