En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Movie Review

May 4, 2018

Allu Arjun is not just a name to reckon with in Telugu cinema. He has huge fan base in Tamilnadu too To cash in on his popularity, comes the Tamil version of his Telugu movie. Titled En Paer Suriya En Veedu India is about a man who is fighting this fight.

en peyar surya en veedu india movie review

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Review

Allu Arjun plays an army man Suriya and he has problems controlling his anger. But a die-hard patriotic man, he wants to fight at the border so that people in his country can live in peace and prosper.

But his anger plays spoilsport on his mission and vision. Surya, who has no control over his anger has to plan things properly to control his anger and eventually realise his dream.

His military life helps him to decide what is right and wrong. He is hardcore strong and stubborn man. One point, he breaks the rules of the army and kills a terrorist who is imprisoned as a witness, he is suspended and forced to take psychiatric help to come to terms with anger.

The doctor in question, Rama Krishnam Raju (Arjun) is an acclaimed professor of psychology, who also happens to be Surya’s estranged father.

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Tamil Review

What happens then and how does achieve his goal forms the rest. Interestingly there is romance and little comedy in between. However the highlights are the stunt sequences.

Allu Arjun as an angry Indian soldier is apt for the role. He plays it with perfection. Emotion sits well on his shoulders.

e pulls it off convincingly. Anu Emmanuel as Varsha does a good job as heroine. She has plenty to do in the film. The romantic portions are well captured. Arjun leaves his screen presence well in a good role.

The movie has loads of patriotism and is sure to entertain those who love action movies.

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India - P for patriotism

Rating: 3.5/5