Dora Movie Review

March 31, 2017

Horror movies always entertain Tamil audience. Many such films in the recent past have made it big.


Dora Movie Review

Now comes Dora in the lust Nayanthara plays the lead in the movie that is racy yet cliched. A sense of having watched that before exists.

Directed by a newcomer Doss Ramasamy, Dora features Nayanthara with the likes of Harish Uthaman and Thambi Ramiah in key roles.

Dora Tamil Movie Review

Movie produced by A Sarkunam and Hitesh Jhabak combined. The movie has music by Vivek and MervinDora is a revenge movie The story revolves mainly around a car named Dora.

Pavalakkodi (Nayanthara,) is a simple innocent girl who is the daughter of a taxi driver.

The daughter and father get a vintage Austin Cambridge car (Dora) for themselves, but by the time they get this car it is already possessed by a spirit who wants to be avenged.

As soon as Pavalakkodi enters into this car her entire attitude changes and she turns out to be rebellious after she starts driving this car.

Will Pavalakkodi help the spirit? Will the spirit be able to take its revenge? How will Pavalakkodi's life change because of this incident, is the remaining part of the story.

Nayanthara is scene stealer. She goes it with ease and elan. Her performance holds the movie together, Harish Uthaman too does it well,

The movie lacks the punch for a horror movie.

Dora - Neither here nor dere

Rating: 3/5