Civil court rejects to ban the title of Vijay's movie Bhairava

January 11, 2017


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Civil court rejects to ban the title of Vijay's movie Bhairava

Bhairava, the most awaited movie of the year is yet to release tomorrow. Meanwhile, a case has been failed against, the title "Bhairava". A complaint is failed by G.Porul Dass of Selam who works as Asst.

Director for more than 15 years. His complaint details that, I scripted a script that is based on the bravery of Dogs and named the movie as Bhairava and registered the title with South Indian TV and Film Producers Guild.

I heard that a movie casting Vijay, Keerthi Suresh is named as Bhairava and the film is produced by Vijaya Productions. Hearing this I approached Vijaya production with a notice.

Vijaya production in turn rejected my claim. I want the court to stop Ravichandran from using the title Bairava At the last minute, when the movie is ready to release, the applicant has filed this case.

Without considering the opposite party we cannot issue a ban for using the title says the court and further the court has asked explanation form the producer. And this case is adjourned for tomorrow.