Breaking "Theatre canteens only to sell food items on MRP, No parking charges,”

October 13, 2017

According to an official press statement, by Vishal has propose the following set of regulations for theatre owners.


1. No selling tickets above the government scheduled rates for each class and theatre type

2. Sell items in canteen on MRP and viewers can take their own water inside

3. No parking charge

4. Online booking charges will be reduced very soon

5. If any theatre caught selling more than govt prices. They will face consequences

This sure sounds like a positive sign for film buffs but will the theatre unanimously agree to this is something we will have to wait and see.

It is said that even first-day first shows cannot be charged more the government scheduled rates. The proposed base ticket prices are:

Multiplexes - 150 + GST 28% (42) - Total 192

Other A/C theatres - 120 + GST 28% (33.6) - Total 153.6

Non-A/C theatres - 80 + GST 18% (14.4) - Total 95