Asuravadham Movie Review

June 29, 2018

Sasikumar is known for earthy rural entertainers laced with emotion, family fare and action. Here comes Asuravdham which rides high on action as the title suggests.

Sasikumar at his gory best, the movie is loaded with plenty of stunts, bloodshed and gore. Three cheers to filmmaker Marudhapandian who has managed to weave a magic on screen with raw emotions.

asuravadham movie review

Asuravadham Review

The story is about a stranger who keeps threatening a man, promising him that he will kill him after a week. Who are the stranger and what is he after? is what the film is all about. The movie has Nandhitha Swetha playing Sasikumar's wife. Vasumithra plays the baddie. The cat and mouse game between the two makes up the movie.

Vasumithra has a weakness for women. One day he received a call from a private number threatening that he would be bumped in a week and urges him to save his life. There enter sasikumar who runs behind Vasumithra and crosses sword with him.

His identity is revealed only at the flashback portions and why is he behind Vasumithra. Revenge is the key word for the story.

Asuravadham Tamil Review

Maruthapandian who made Chenni Ungalai Varverkirathu before has ensured more emotion in the screenplay and hence manages the audience to get involved with the story. Every single character in the movie has been written well and have a space to occupy in the script.

Sasikumar is intense and engrossed. He pours anger through his eyes and does well in action scenes. Vasumithra as baddie running for life does a decent job. Though a brief role, yet Nadhitha Swetha has given her best shot.

The highlight of the movie is perhaps the stunts by Dhilip Subbarayan. His action choreography is the base for the movie. SR Kathir's camera captures raw action well.

Maruthupandian is a raw but an intense film. Sasikumar and Maruthapandian have done well to ensure it is engaging and entertaining too.

Verdict : Asuravadham - Brutal force

Rating: 3/5