Arvind Swami & Kollywood strike

April 16, 2018

The strike by Tamil Film Producers Council is on for almost over a month. Apparently annoyed Arvind Swami wants an early end to the strike.

arvind swami & kollywood strike

He tweeted, 'To be honest, I am kind of getting tired of this strike. Want to get back to work. Have no idea of the progress made in the terms put forward or the negotiations. I just hope everyone can get back to working soon and making movies. Thousands affected, need quick resolutions'.

The entire trade is waiting for the crucial meet of producers, distributors and digital service providers to be held in the presence of Tamil Nadu Government on April 17 (tomorrow). Many hope that the strike would bring to an end to the whole issues that affects producers, distributors and exhibitors.

TFPC chief Vishal, FEFSI president R K Selvamani and representatives from various association would attend the meeting.