AR Rahman concert controversy: A.R. Rahman's statement here! The real truth is this!!

July 17, 2017

Oscar winning music composer AR Rahman’s recent concert at Wimble Arena on July 8 had sparked a controversy, after many trolled him on social media for singing mostly Tamil songs. The issue had garnered a polarizing response from the fans and sparked a serious debate about music and the language barriers.

ar rahman

Reacting to the controversy, Rahman maintained his trademark composure and said he is ‘nothing without his fans’. “We try our best. We try to be honest. I love the way how people have supported for all these years without them I’m nothing. I’m grateful to all of them,” he told the media in New York, where he was attending IIFA

"The show started with a series of Hindi songs, and then there were Tamil songs being played for 30 minutes at a stretch. That could have possibly triggered few people to leave. Of course, they have paid for the concert and have every right to express their dissatisfaction if there is an issue with the show but it is not correct to blame AR Rahman sir for being biased to one particular language" said a official back stage partner of the concern