8 Thottakkal Movie Review

April 7, 2017

An action thriller handled in the way one had watched Mysskin movies is 8 Thottakal. Newcomer Sri Ganesh has handled gathered guts to come up with a suspense thriller in his very first film.

8 thottakkal

8 Thottakkal Movie Review

It speaks about action, romance and emotions and ends up an engaging fare. What happens if a police officer's gun goes missing forms the crux.

The movie is well documented and the home work by the filmmaker is vast and great.
A newcomer Vetri plays the lead and he brings out emotions of anxiety and frustration of a cop well on screen.

8 Thottakkal Tamil Movie Review

On the other hand, the lead female of the movie did by debutante Aparna Murali has some less screen space yet with a strong role. M S Bhaskar and Nasser excel well in their respective roles.

M S Baskar's characterization is the highlight of the movie. He does it with elan. He is sure to lap up several awards in the days to come.

Nasser plays the role of rude cop fitting to the criteria of a stringent police officer. The interrogation scenes where Nasser enacts would be entertaining. Mime Gopi and Charles Vinoth have done justice to their roles.

Despite being a serious thriller, director Sri Ganesh has managed to not to give up humour, which is sprinkled throughout the show as a peck of dark comedy. Cinematography by Dinesh and editing by Nagooran is up to the mark.

Nagooran's editing is up to the mark and makes the movie racy. The narrow streets of North Chennai. Sundaramoorthy music is engaging and elevated the mood of the film.

8 Thottakal is an engaging entertainer with enough into entertain and bring audience to seat edge.

Verdict : 8 Thottakkal - Bang on target

Rating: 3.25/5